Five ultimate ways to be epic at Twitter

Give your business tweets a boost with these five tips to be epic at Twitter.

Everything you do on Twitter is part of your overall marketing and is a key way to reinforce your reputation.  But hands up who feels they don’t have the time?

If you feel overwhelmed on Twitter, follow these ideas to improve your online skills and your social media confidence.


  1. Have you finished setting your account up?How to be epic at Twitter

Many people forget to upload a cover photo and this is a second key visual which other users will see.  You’ve also got more room than on the profile picture.


  1. Find stuff to say

post great content which relates to your business and interests. This shows you know your stuff: it’s not just about selling, we’re being social here too.  Have a mix of your own original content, but also interesting tweets, videos and blogs you’ve spotted elsewhere.  Now you’re being helpful too and it’s relatively quick and painless to do.


  1. Do some networking

This is where Twitter comes into its own for businesses. Find a Twitter hour for your local area or sector specialism and say hello.  Listen to the discussion and avoid jumping in with sales tweets.  Find hashtags for events you’re going to attend and also those you’re missing: lots of related conversation and networking goes on here too.


  1. Get inspiration

Grow your network not just with potential customers, but also people who inspire you. There’s an opportunity for personal development here and also a chance to spot useful content which you could easily pass on to your followers as well.


  1. Check the stats

Know what’s working and whether you’re using your time efficiently. Activate Twitter Analytics now, as it only starts collecting data from this point.  It will give you handy figures on the reach of each tweet and whether any links were clicked on.  It also shows you whereabouts your followers are from.  Use stats to check which time of day you should tweet to get results.

Do you feel Twitter is wasting lots of your time? Or do you have your own tips you can share here? Please comment below or tweet me @BeckySee123

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